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Quick Details

  • You gain 30-day use the FULL system for just $5.

  • During the 30-days, you may cancel at any time and for any reason.

  • On day 31, you agree to be billed monthly (for 12 months), or annually (at the attractive discount) at the rates below.  It is your choice!

VantageWhite and Red.png

 Agents Special Discounted Pricing

A Single (1) PC

  12 Monthly Payment

 * 12 Month Commitment

 * No cancellation during  

    first year.

A Single (1) PC

1 Annual Payment

After 30 days, you agree to pay

$499 yearly (15% discount)

By clicking a SUBSCRIBE button, you agree that your PayPal account will be charged $5 for the first 30-day test drive.  If you should cancel during the first 30-days for any reason, no further charges will be made and the Total Advantage  System, on your PC, will be automatically disabled.   


If you don't cancel during the first 30 days, the above monthly or annual amount (you select above) will be charged to your PayPal account on day 31.  With the monthly subscription, you agree that your PayPal account will be charged monthly, for a minimum of 12 months.  With the annual plan, your PayPal account will be charged the annual amount until you cancel.  You agree and understand that any and all cancellations may only be made by you, the subscriber, solely and exclusively by logging into your PayPal account.

Note:  Your successful subscription will generate an e-mail to your PayPal e-mail address, containing your serial number and a link to schedule a date/time for us to install the system on your computer.

Important System Requirements

  1. An MS-Windows (v7, v10 or newer) PC.

  2. 32-Bit Excel (v2013 or newer).

  3. Note: the latest full version MS-Office is only $7/month, if you need to upgrade​​.

  4. Apple devices not supported.

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