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Selling IULs without the Total Advantage System is simply a waste of your valuable time and prospects.

Learn how to work smart - not just hard.  Check out the video below.

Enables you to professionally and impressively compare qualified, non-qualified and Roth strategies with any IUL.

  • PROVE IT!   Don't just say that an IUL is better, prove it.

  • SIMPLE  to understand laser-focused IUL comparison & analysis system.

  • CRUSH  all objections, concerns, myths, rumors and doubts.

  • GENERATE  referrals by increasing your prospect's trust & confidence levels.

  • CAPTIVATES  your prospects building rapport, trust and confidence.

  • EASY  to learn and use.

  • PURPOSE-BUILT  by advisors for advisors for your IUL sales success.

  • QUICKLY & EASILY  imports illustration data (including fees) from any IUL carrier.

  • EDUCATES & DISTURBS  your prospects, creating a natural affinity & sense of urgency.

  • RETIREMENT-READY-OR-NOT ANALYSIS  built-in to increase your professionalism.

  • TURBO-CHARGED IUL ANALYSIS  included for your lump sum funding scenarios. 

  • AFFORDABLE  for you with monthly & attractive discounted annual subscriptions.

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