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***  The moment I saw TAC I knew the simple system I've always wanted ...had arrived. For the past 10 years I've used MoneyTrax, Insmark and a variety of too detailed spreadsheets. All have ended up being very expensive, complicated, confusing and time consuming to show a client. TAC is a simple approach which gets peoples attention.
 My conversations with the clients are now clear, to the point and I'm able to simply demonstrate so much more value to the client. It is very difficult for them to say no or find a better alternative.  The closing ratio on getting appointments and applications has substantially increased;  probably doubled.   Ed S, Danville, CA.  

***  Love TAC, one of the best tools we've seen from a simplicity standpoint.  We just closed two IULs with two different physicians and one for a wife due to TAC. TAC has been a really great asset and really helps us close business. Sorry I didn't find this 5 years ago. Jim RFG, Venice FL.

***  I was moderately successful using a insurance company illustration explaining how a EIUL compares to a "Qualified Plan". Since using the TAC, my clients understand much faster and easier why a EIUL works much better for retirement income. My income so far (April) has equaled what I earned last year. As an example, one TAC presentation this month resulted in a $500 monthly sale plus $27,500 in commissions from plans her husband signed up for.  My wife and the IRS thank you.    Glenn M,.  Gardena CA.

***  We love TAC, it's one of the best tools we've seen, and from a simplicity's FANTASTIC.  As a matter of fact, this one client we used the calculator with, a guy that Jim in our office  had been talking to for over 3 years. we were able to show him the financial benefit of shifting 19% of his $100k per year salary into an IUL... and TAC sold the deal.  Gary R    

***  TAC has provided a major improvement to our practice.  A clear way to explain a complex comparison.  On top of the expected value of the calculator, we have found the service provided by Steve, Tom, and their team to be extraordinary, above and beyond expectations.  Whether it’s weekly webinar training, the supplied videos, or personal one on one, they are passionate about TAC members being successful.  Our yearly revenues have increased over 100% in IUL sales over last year in only our first quarter of this year.  Thanks Steve and Tom

Paul H LP LLC. Phoenix AZ

The software compares Qualified, Non-Qualified, 401k, IRA, SEP and 403b plans.  It's simple for the agent to use and easy for the prospect to understand.

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The Best IUL Sales & Analysis Software Available!         

  • EASY to learn and use.
  • BUILT by advisors for advisors.
  • QUICK & EASY illustration imports from all IUL carriers.
  • EDUCATES & DISTURBS creating a sense of client urgency.
  • AFFORDABLE for you with a low monthly subscription fee.

Listen to the testimonials!

  • PROVE IT !  Don't just say that an IUL is better, prove it.
  • SIMPLE to understand laser-focused comparison software.
  • CRUSH all objections, concerns, myths, rumors and doubts.
  • GENERATE referrals by increasing your client's confidence level.
  • CAPTIVATES clients, building rapport, trust and confidence.